Some of our clients share their experiences:

· Brad (2024)
I found myself at an extremely distressed time in my professional career with an employment law problem when I was suddenly approached my by employer's legal representative informing me that I was to attend an urgent meeting alleging instances of gross misconduct and breach of company policy despite having received no warnings. I contacted Douglas after getting a verbal reference from a friend who Douglas had previously represented. Douglas immediately listened to my situation and the allegations against me. He informed me of my options as well as his capacity and his cost. He was calming and completely open about the law and my rights and the proper processes that needed to take place. Over the next eight weeks, there was plenty of back and forth with myself and my employer's representative. Douglas kept to the law and kept their representative informed of how his client had breached NZ Law and the obligations owed to me. Whilst it took longer than I expected and very stressful, Douglas kept informing me of my options and helped steer me through to an extremely favorable settlement. I could not have made it through this process without the professional help and guidance that Douglas provided for me and my family. I will, without hesitation, recommend him again to anybody else needing his legal expertise and commitment to getting a suitable result.

· Lorren (2023)
Douglas was amazing to work with regarding my employment law matter, he was sympathetic and understanding and explained the ramifications of my error in simple language that I could understand. I was confident and very comfortable with his representation and cannot recommend him enough. Thank you again for all your help!

· Thomas (2023)
I can't recommend Douglas enough, he gave me honest and straightforward advice on my case concerning vehicle damage. I was quite worried about what the outcome would be and Douglas was able to give me peace of mind with the options that were available to me. He is very knowledgeable and educated clearly and I would recommend him to anyone that is needing help with their case. Thank you again Douglas!

· Cali (2023)
Douglas Mitchell is an experienced and friendly high court lawyer. He helped me to win a high court injunction proceeding and collected back my loan and all the costs successfully. He worked for my case and replied to my emails even after 11pm. He gave me fee discount when I am in financial difficulty. He used his expertise and professional service to get me through my most difficult times in my life. His services are professional, timely, efficient and cost effective all the time. I absolutely recommend his legal services to anyone with any legal issue.

· Pratibha Khan (2023)
The best decision I ever made was to contact Douglas Mitchell lawyer to represent me with an insurance claim dispute. DM lawyer will fight for his clients' interests. Very reliable service, highly and wholeheartedly recommended. He is very professional, transparent and honest and extremely kind. He was very thorough in fighting my case and saving my reputation and establishing justice, which I will always be grateful for. Douglas, you are a superlawyer. Thank you again and once again, highly recommend for whoever needs strong, reliable, legal representation.

· Johnny Y (2023)
I had battling issues with my previous lawyers and its law firm in Auckland CBD. They made too many legal mistakes and I believe their negligence contributed to an unsuccessful trial considerably. Douglas Mitchell was willing and able to take on my outstanding payment argument against my previous lawyers and he was very careful to understand the issues and tried to find the proper legal defence and attack which encouraged me a lot. Douglas managed the issues in timely manner, and he did a good job to settle the issues in time. I am happy to say that he is quite professional and very helpful.

· [name withheld for client confidentiality] (2022)
Faced with an unnecessary street racing charge, Douglas efficiently and effectively helped put together a defence that resulted in me receiving a diversion. This is highly unlikely in street racing cases, and through Douglas’ reliability, time efficiency, and incredible communication, Douglas provided more than satisfactory results in a budget and time friendly manner. Approachable and reasonable, my first choice for any driving charge would be Douglas Mitchell.

· Stuart (2021)
I needed legal advice in challenging a large company over a breach of an agreement. It was reassuring to find that Douglas listened carefully to me and asked questions to ensure he had a thorough understanding of the issues. He outlined options clearly in an easy to follow no nonsense manner. I appreciated his ability to "translate" legal jargon into plain English. His communication was outstanding whether it was returning phone calls or providing written responses by email. He is skilful in crafting documents to achieve the desired result. I found Douglas to be a highly professional lawyer and could recommend him to others.

· Joshua (2021)
Douglas Mitchell acted very quickly for us on a court matter concerning a commercial property lease dispute. He always responded to the questions we raised in a very timely manner and provided very pertinent opinions. At the same time, he would not waste the valuable time of the client. He always went straight to the subject and raced against the clock. Trust me, he won't disappoint you.

· Luke Taplin (2021)
Douglas got results. Douglas is fantastic. He communicated and delivered a service that got results we only previously wished of in regards to obtaining a restraining order under the Harassment Act. The process was broken down clearly and stream lined, making the experience manageable, less stressful and highly affective. I highly recommend Douglas as a legal professional and will seek his advice and expertise for future needs of a lawyer.

· Jeff Allid, Managing Director of Monde Nissin New Zealand Limited (2021)
When it comes to employment matters, simple or complex, our company's port of first call has always been Douglas Mitchell of DM Law. Douglas renders professional, reliable, and accurate advice and services. His skills at crafting specialized documentation and guiding us through any employment process are also top-notch. For a managing director like me, leaving Douglas to take care of all our employment matters, allows me more time to focus on other aspects of running the business. Alert to many of our sensitive corporate situations through many years of dealings with Douglas, I feel we are always in the most capable of hands. He is so easy to talk to and can be totally trusted.

· Danielle (2020)
With a very stressful employment law situation, I was soo grateful to bring Douglas on board. He made the whole process so smooth and easy it took so much stress away. Though we had the chance to go further with the case, for my own wellbeing I chose to settle. Douglas gave amazing advice and support the whole way through.

· Tony (2020)
It was a real pleasure working with Douglas. His communication was second to none. At no point was I left wondering what was happening. He would front foot all communications to the stage I didn’t even need to think about the next step. Douglas made the whole process smooth and took away any potential stress in obtaining a limited drivers licence for me. He made a stressful and daunting experience easy..

· C and S Redwood (2020)
This is the second time that we have used Douglas' service, we cannot recommend him highly enough. He offers straight forward, honest, no BS legal advice, he is a calming influence in a very stressful time and  quickly grasps the details of the situation as if he was there. We are happy with the outcome and we really appreciate him working with us.

· Steve and Irene Cross (2020)
Douglas acted for us in a cross lease dispute with our neighbours over alterations we wanted to make to our house, which ended in all parties going through arbitration. Douglas was extremely helpful in guiding us through the legalese of the cross lease and his research and expertise helped immensely to enable us to put the best case possible to the arbitrator. Without his help, we would have struggled to cope with this process. He was always readily available with advice and was very easy to talk with. We highly recommend him to anyone wanting a kind, knowledgeable lawyer to assist with legal issues.

· Stephen of BlinknClean (2020)
I was in starting up the company in a stressful situation and I was becoming extremely worried about the business and if it was going to survive. Through a referral, I contacted Douglas Mitchell to help me with the business transactions and solve some legal problems. Thanking you again Douglas, you changed the situation into a much relieved positive direction

· Andrew (Club Chairman) (2020)
Just a quick note to say “thanks” to Douglas for his help earlier this year in settling our club’s dispute with a contractor. It was a long and rather worrying process but we got there in the end, thanks to Douglas’s wise advice and calming influence. He did a great job, researching and explaining a variety of options for us, presenting our position effectively and reassuring us when the process appeared to be heading in a very unpleasant direction. He was a great asset, and his willingness to charge appropriately given our club’s non-profit status was greatly appreciated. All in all, a great outcome for the Club.

· Judith (2020)
I engaged Douglas to resolve an argument over my mother’s will. I found Douglas compassionate and ethical in dealing with this emotional matter, bringing it to an acceptable close. I also must acknowledge at no time did he let costs become overwhelming, but kept them at an acceptable level. I have no hesitation in recommending Douglas to anyone looking for help.

· Jeff (2020)
I've known Douglas since 2017 when I had just arrived in New Zealand to organize the Company as a local subsidiary of an international conglomerate. Being new to the local business conditions and practices, I needed somebody I could fully trust. Douglas imparted to me his expert employment, recruitment and HR services. He is a careful solicitor and always presents his incisive views on any HR, staffing or employment issues. His attention to sensitive documentary detail is superb. Douglas is so easy to work with.

· Craig (2019)
Recently Douglas assisted me with an employment issue and guided me accurately and professionally through the process. This gave me time to consider my options and make some very important decisions. I would highly recommend Douglas for any employment related services.

· Scott Andersen (2019)
I was facing a situation where I was under investigation from a Government body for tasks I was performing for a former employer. A friend of mine (A very high profile Barrister) recommended Douglas straight away, in his words "This is the guy you need". Douglas quickly researched the law regarding the case, and helped me answer to the allegations with carefully drafted responses. Fortunately for me those responses were enough for the complainant to back down. However, should the case have appeared before a court, Douglas had the clout to either get the charges thrown out, or at worst, obtain a discharge without conviction. Highly recommended.

· Sue (2019)
Douglas helped me in my capacity as a trustee of a trust to obtain High Court orders to remove a trustee, who unfortunately had developed dementia, and to vest property in the remaining trustees.  He made a complex process straightforward and simple to understand while quickly identifying the inputs required to obtain the result needed.  I found Douglas very helpful and easy to deal with and I highly recommend using Douglas to help with Court issues concerning trusts.

· Jasmine (2019)
Douglas represented me a civil court case involving stock escaping from a farm and insurance issues.  I found him to be very helpful in explaining the process and getting a settlement.  I recommend using Douglas if you want advice on civil litigation, insurance claims and if you need a court lawyer.

· Livia (2019)
Early 2019 I was charged with careless driving causing injury and also failing to stop after an injury crash. Douglas was very organised and helped us step by step to get the best result of my case. The charge of failing to stop was successfully removed and a discharge without conviction was successful for the careless driving causing injury charge. As the English is not my first language, Douglas listened very carefully, patient and also been very thoughtful. We are very satisfied with his service and really appreciated his effort. We have built up our confidence through the whole process thus would highly recommend to my friend in the future.

· "O" (2019)
In 2018 I was charged with careless driving causing injury while I was in NZ on a working holiday visa.  Douglas was very helpful explaining and guiding me through this highly stressful process which was very unfamiliar to me given I am not from NZ.  I found his advice to be very reassuring and correct.  In the end, in 2019 I was discharged without conviction!  I am so grateful for his services and thoroughly recommend him to anyone if you are needing a lawyer to represent you in court.  Thank you Douglas.

· Blair Hunger (2018)
Douglas Mitchell helped me with a driving charge, as soon as I called Douglas after speaking with several other lawyers I knew Douglas was the one to go with, he listened and understood what I was trying to achieve and helped me get the best result possible.  Douglas is a honest, genuine lawyer who works hard to strive for the best result. Highly recommend him to anyone.  

· "H" (2018)
Douglas helped me with my limited license on the 26th Oct at the court, he is very helpful and knows what the Judge thinks to get the limited license.  The Judge said "Your limited license application is very realistic to approve! Your application is granted!" I was so lucky to have Douglas help me with the limited license. Thank you Douglas!

· A & S Kumar (2018)
Douglas made us feel very comfortable and kept us informed about the insurance case every step of the way. I would be proud to refer my family, friends and even strangers to him, and I am sure they will be as happy as we were with his legal expertise. The whole experience of getting our claim approved was so much easier with his help.

· Lucas (2018)
Douglas was very helpful by providing the full range of options available to us. He gave us in depth and step by step explanations which allowed us to make an informed choice on which direction the matter should be taken in regards to a traffic driving charge.

· Eddie (2018)
Douglas helped me recently with a driving related criminal charge I had. Douglas is simply an excellent lawyer. He knew his stuff and was able to give me the service I needed. I am so relieved and pleased with the result. He will go the extra mile and deliver the best outcome. I would recommend him to all my friends who need a good lawyer!

· Joy (2018)
Douglas was invaluable in helping me reach a full resolution when I was looking for assistance in enforcing an order for costs.  Douglas offered me a number of different options that had financial as well as time based implications so I felt I had control over the process whilst he managed all communications in a professional and speedy manner.  I would highly recommend Douglas Mitchell to help you and your family get through some tough times.

· Kevin (2018)
I approached DM Law to help me with my redundancy case as I was unsure of both the process and the ins and outs of my contract.  Douglas took the time to sit with me and go through each of the clauses in my contract that needed to be explored or explained, his manner and obvious expertise proved to me that I was in capable hands from the very beginning.  Over the fortnight that it took to negotiate the process, Douglas’s advice and guidance helped me to lead the discussions confidently and come out with (what I felt was) the upper hand; so I was very pleased with the severance package and the minimal stress caused to me and my family as a result.  I would have absolutely no hesitation to recommend DM Law as a result. Thank you Douglas.

· Wayne Langley, Director, Sink Appliances, Langley Electrical, Nikau North Ltd (2018)
I recently employed Douglas Mitchell to act on my behalf in a matter of debt recovery. He managed to get a response from the debtor and recover payment in a very short space of time. His up to date communication of the proceedings was excellent.

· Ashley (2017)
I won an employment case and would like to express my gratitude and credit all the success to Douglas Mitchell! I highly recommend Douglas to every one seeking legal matters.

· Carl Mendoza (2017)
I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Douglas Mitchell for supporting me and my business partner all the way in winning our case and dispute versus our previous employer. He is one professional who is considered a role model worth emulating. A man of principle, he believes in fairness and justice and fearlessly fights for what is right. Living up to his oath, he defends the innocent, weak and helpless. Monetary reward is secondary to him. Indeed, we are blessed to have met a man of integrity, humility, patience, impartiality, and one who carries with him a winning performance everytime he handles a case. To Douglas Mitchell, Kudos! May you continue to succeed and be a guiding light to your clients and future partners. Again, Thank you so Much!

· Paul Bayer (2017)
I wanted to say a few words on my experience with Douglas. When I first met him I was so nervous and stressed with the situation I was facing regarding a civil court case. He made me feel at ease and could see that he was very knowledgeable and knew I was in very good hands. I can't thank you enough Douglas for taking the load off my shoulders and helping me reach a resolution. Thank you so much for your very professional help. I would highly recommend Douglas to help you, he is a very genuine and down to earth lawyer.

· Antoine (2017)
Douglas represented me recently in an insurance dispute. His advice and professional conduct was crucial in reaching a successful resolution to the issues at hand. I would definitely ask him to represent me again and he would be my first call when in need of legal advice. Thank you Douglas.

· Maxwell (2017)
Having being disqualified for drink and driving Douglas made the situation a lot easier to deal with. Not having been in a situation like this before, I felt extremely comfortable with relying on Douglas to get me through the court process smoothly in that stressful time.
He was up front and honest with what the result/fees were going to be and definitely delivered what he said he would. I would recommend Douglas Mitchell to any family member or friend who made the same mistake as I did.

· Nicki (2017)
I cannot recommend Douglas Mitchell highly enough. We are a small construction company.  Earlier this year we were faced with an employment relations dispute and we were advised to contact Douglas. It was a very stressful time for us and with Douglas's help, advice and extensive knowledge the matter was settled very quickly. We really appreciate your guidance and support through the entire process, and couldn't be happier with the outcome. If we ever need to seek legal advice we will be contacting Douglas Mitchell for his expertise.

· Alex, aged 18 (2017)
1st excess breath alcohol driving offence: Douglas was professional, empathetic, understanding and his help was imperative in navigating the court system.  He achieved an excellent result due to his vast knowledge and expertise.  His service greatly reduced the stress surrounding the charges laid and I would highly recommend  to anyone found in a similar situation.

· Nicky (2017)
I wish to highly recommend Douglas Mitchell to any potential client seeking legal counsel. In my instance, I was charged with Careless Driving causing Injury. From my first point of contact, I found Douglas to be extremely professional, highly accessible and approachable. He is an expert in regards to the legal process with this charge. He is also a careful and respectful listener. This skill enabled him to capture a lot of important minutae in the course of my four month legal process. I am aware that Douglas's commitment to rigour with the finer details helped the positive outcome of my case. At all times, Douglas was clear about the law and he took time to ensure I was fully informed about the sequence of events and the subsequent implications of each phase of my court proceedings. This level of informed support was empowering for me. I felt more able to cope with what I found to be a harrowing experience. Over the course of my 4 court appearances, I felt unseated by seemingly different prosecution responses. Douglas operates a tight ship. His work is thorough, fair and totally honest. Having this level of continuity throughout at times a confusing and frightening process made an immeasurable difference to the way in which I responded to months of uncertainty. I do believe that Douglas's rigour in his professional practice provided me with a favourable outcome for the situation, a Discharge without Conviction and no loss of licence. I am indebted to him for his tireless work in ensuring that I had the best chance possible to have my story fully heard by the Court. I wish to sincerely thank Douglas for his timely, skilled and informed work. His professional practice in conjuction with the manner in which he practices made a meaningful, tangible difference to me, regardless of my outcome. I am keenly aware that had I not had this level of legal support, I would be in a very different position now. I remain most grateful for his support over months for what was for me a foreign and very stressful situation and I highly recommend that you consider approaching Douglas if you need legal support.

· Tanja (2017)
I was charged with drink driving in 2016 and I used Douglas Mitchell to defend the case. He was very professional and approachable providing prompt and clear advise. Douglas kept me informed throughout the stressful Court process. Douglas was able to get the driving with excess breath alcohol charge dismissed! I am truly grateful for Douglas’s help and expertise as I was devastated facing a conviction for a drink driving charge and possibly losing my driver’s licence. I am very relieved that I still have a clean record too. I highly recommend Douglas to defend any traffic, drink driving or police charges.

· Martin (2016)
I'd like to use this opportunity to recommend Douglas Mitchell for any clarifications regarding Restraint Covenants from previous employer contracts. He is extremely professional and his service was excellent. After his positive advice, I felt confident to move forward with my new venture. Thank you again Douglas, your professionalism is much appreciated.

· Larissa (2016)
Douglas successfully handled a very stressful employment matter for me. He took my case with a very short notice and managed to get a favorable settlement during the very first meeting with my former employer. Excellent, cost-efficient service! He was also very supportive and kind with me and it made all the difference when I was going through this extremely stressful time at work. He is definitely someone you want on your team to help you through. I highly recommend him.

· Alan (2016)
Have you ever been confused by the Law. I certainly was! I highly recommend Douglas Mitchell to you. He represented me in a “”Discharge Without Conviction” case which I was initially told was unobtainable. Subsequently Douglas presented my case very professionally to the Court after analyzing all the documents and taking note of every little detail. Douglas was very particular in this professional presentation ultimately achieving our goal (Discharge without Conviction) which is now very hard to achieve with the Courts.

· Diana Rong (2016)
I strongly recommend Douglas’ service. He is very approachable and has rich experience. I had an insurance car claim which I needed advice. I tried a big law company first but they were too busy to call me back. Then I found Douglas online. He answered my phone and promised he will call me back, then he did and offered me 15 min free consultation on the phone, which is very important when you are worried and hungry for some answers as soon as possible. With his professional advice later, my claim was accepted. I am so happy and feel relieved. Thank you Douglas.

· Fang Dong (2016)
Hello Douglas - I am writing to thank you for resolving my civil court case dispute. You are really a good lawyer with lots of experience especially about my court case. From the first time, you gave me a straightforward advice and let me know the essence of my issue which initially confused me because I got lots of different suggestions from other lawyers before. You are really professional and reacted quickly in the court. You can easily get to the point of things and respond in good time. Without your professional support I could not have reached a satisfactory result. I would absolutely recommend you to anybody.

· Alex (2016)
Douglas Mitchell provided highly professional services with an employment law issue, and I really appreciated that. He transmitted relief and answered without delay to my inquiry. Thank you for your services.

· Sonia
I contacted Douglas originally for a DIC incident and then he also helped me with an employment matter at the same time. I found Douglas to be extremely professional. I felt no judgement or embarrassment talking to him on both these matters, especially as the DIC is a pretty shameful. Douglas explained the process thoroughly and responded to my calls, text and emails very promptly. I was fully informed of what next steps were and a horrible situation was dealt with quickly and efficiently. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who has to go through either of these uncomfortable situations.

· Peter X
I am writing to thank you for the outstanding work you did for me. Originally the insurance company denied my claim for company vehicle . But after you got involved, they reversed the decision and accepted my claim. I believe I could not have reached a satisfactory result without your professional legal support. I would definitely recommend you to anyone else.

· Jenny (Jinsun) KIM
Thank you for having represented me during my employment matters and for having made this process painless. I'm so pleased with the excellent work you did and with the settlement. I have contacted with several employment advocates and lawyers for my matters before. But your reponse was fast and professional and exactly what I have needed in the situation. And most important thing was that you were the only one that have asked me first if I need your service or not. Since I have contacted with you I could finally relax and sleep well. Me and my husband really appreciated your efforts and support with a professional legal service. And you took all the stress out for me. As you mentioned in the first meeting, I finally can have a small (no - its a big, actually) celebration with my family! I will definitely recommend you to my friends and korean community. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much.

· Dave Mckenzie
Douglas Mitchell successfully defended me in a High Court case brought by liquidators of a company trying to claw back payments I had received from the company in liquidation. I was totally shocked at being sued and Douglas’ legal advice and ultimate defence in Court was accurate, timely and invaluable. I highly recommend his services.

· Craig
I contacted Douglas to provide advice on my redundancy during a business restructure. Douglas provided concise and extremely helpful advice on how best to leverage my position, and ongoing phone assistance as I negotiated my exit provisions. In total I spent 90 minutes with Douglas which resulted in a very beneficial outcome for myself and family.

· Bryan Martin
Thank you for your assistance with my motor vehicle dispute. Without your professional advice and guidance I would have been paying out easily over 20k in costs.
Your knowledge of law, mediation, remedies and contracts was vital and I walked away with all my costs met, (nothing to pay) loan vehicle, 6 months registration, new warranty and free towbar.The dealer tried to bully and harass me into submission but Douglas Mitchell’s advice and wisdom turned my argument into a royal flush.

· Matt
Douglas's knowledge of the law and his insight regarding the outcome of my case made the process much less bruising than I had anticipated. I would seek his expertise again. (4th Excess Breath Alcohol charge)

· Sumit Joshi:
“Thanks for your help, support and assurance you provided for the insurance dispute. You have done fabulous job by providing me with your step by step guidance that helped me to settle my dispute. I would strongly recommend you as you know how to provide empathy to clients.”

· Li Han:
“I was slightly hesitant at first to engage a lawyer for my employment issue but decided to go ahead, and I'm so pleased I did. Douglas was absolute brilliant, totally reassuring me that I did have a legitimate cause. He was able to summarise quite a complicated case upon hearing it on just one occasion. From our initial meeting to resolving the issue took just three days. Douglas saved me literally 18 months of hardship stress and worry. I can’t thank you enough.”

· Robert Williams:
“I have used Douglas Mitchell for debt collection matters and found his services to be timely, efficient and cost effective. Douglas has obtained excellent recoveries of debts owed to my business through using the Court process. I will definitely use Douglas again if I have any outstanding debts or commercial disputes. I thoroughly recommend his legal services. Robert Williams, Real Estate Consulting New Zealand”

· Newton:
“Douglas was very helpful with my traffic infringement case. He gave me prompt and clear advice which enabled me to get a great resolution. I definitely recommend getting Douglas’s legal advice for any traffic and transport disputes. Newton”.

· Marshall
“Douglas was the consummate professional when advising and guiding me through a potentially difficult employment situation. We worked through a range of scenarios and were thoroughly prepared should we have needed to proceed. His advice provided the reassurance required when negotiating an agreed employment outcome. I would recommend him to anyone looking for employment law assistance – Marshall”

· Michael:
“Douglas Mitchell successfully defended a drink drive charge for driving with excess breath alcohol. Douglas provided clear and prompt advice together with a practical plan and strategy. He was very accessible throughout to answer any queries which I found invaluable in helping me cope in such a stressful time. Douglas achieved a great result for me. I absolutely recommend his legal services. Michael”

· Jacob Lee:
“Douglas helped me resolve a traffic accident dispute. I was very pleased with his prompt service in getting the dispute sorted. I would definitely use Douglas again for any traffic issue or legal dispute. Jacob Lee”.

· Kent:
"From initial consultation through to it's conclusion, my experience with DM Law was brilliant. Douglas defused a stressful employment situation and I have complete faith in recommending Douglas to friends and family" Kent.

· Azzo:
“Douglas provided excellent legal advice and court representation in our appeal to the High Court. I definitely would recommend Douglas to anyone for a civil court case”.

· Chris:
To whom it may concern. I have followed Douglas with his new business venture DM Law for the obvious reasons. I believed Douglas goes beyond being just being another lawyer; he has on more than one occasion has given me free advice and redirection. I have found him to have a straight approach to things with no messing about making it easy for me to understand. Douglas has my trust and provides a premium service at excellent value for money; I wouldn’t use anyone else. Thanks for your work Douglas, Chris

· Olivia:
“Douglas recently assisted me with an employment law issue. His Professionalism and approach really made me feel at ease about the stressful situation. Thank you for the positive outcome, I would highly recommend Douglas's expertise to others. Olivia”

· Peter & Joanne Bickle:
Joanne & I wish to thank you for your help in our recent dispute in the Building Disputes & Construction Contract Claim issue, we felt that you offered value to us in this dispute. I would have no hesitation in recommending you for this type of dispute in the future. Yours sincerely Peter Bickle

· Mark P:
Douglas acted on my behalf to recover a debt and this was resolved very quickly, largely due to the strongly worded, professional document drafted and delivered by him. I highly recommend his services.

· Bronwyn:
Douglas Mitchell recently represented me in regards to an employment law issue. From the outset I found him to be friendly and efficient, honest and professional. He achieved a quick and very positive outcome for me, and brought excellent closure to a highly stressful situation. I would unreservedly recommend Douglas's expertise to others.

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